What photographers should do immediately after a photoshoot

What photographers should do immediately after a photoshoot

Photography can be an extraordinarily beautiful and fulfilling career, but making the right moves along the way is essential for success.

When first starting out, photographers often have a plethora of gnawing questions, such as:

  • What should I do during a photoshoot to capture the best images?
  • What are the steps I should take as a photographer after a photoshoot?
  • After a photoshoot, how should I communicate with my clients?
  • How do I keep clients happy after a photoshoot?
  • What can I do to maintain a good relationship with photography clients?

These questions may take time to learn for yourself and tailor to your own style of running your photography business, but we’ve put together a list of things that may help you to get there even faster.


Offload and upload – immediately

Just finished photographing an evening event? Twilight real estate photoshoot run late unexpectedly, or traffic stretched your estimated travel time home from one hour to two? No matter the circumstances or how tired you are after a photoshoot, always, always, always offload and upload your SD cards on your computer immediately.

Ensuring that your RAW files are stored safely on your computer and backed up online is crucial and best practice. Once during a migraine that came on during the drive home from a wedding, I even considered asking my partner to upload the photos from the SD cards for me – it really is THAT impertinent.

If anything unexpected were to happen to your SD cards or files, clients may be a lot more understanding sooner rather than later. Nothing feels better than piece of mind knowing that your client’s valued images and your hard work are safe and ready to work on after a shoot.

Write down additional comments

While you’re working with your clients, it’s always a good idea to get to know them further than your initial discussions pre-photoshoot. Capturing images isn’t just about your passion and creative eye for detail and framing, but incorporating your client’s personality. By really getting to know them more, it will allow room for them to warm up to the camera more, and in turn, provide beautiful images. But we’ll cover this off more in a future blog post…

During your discussions, your clients might tell you important information such as their favourite colour, where they first met their husband-to-be, their beloved dog’s name, etc. If any of these could be beneficial to keep as client notes long-term (assuming you don’t have a brilliant memory… you’re not alone), write them down in your phone straight after the shoot or once you are home. These notes can be kept for future correspondence or ice-breakers, or even personality insights for when editing the images.

Avoid radio silence post-photoshoot

You’ve taken some great photos, have gotten to know your client more throughout the photoshoot and now you’re ready to get stuck into editing for a few hours, days or weeks (we believe in you, keep pushing!). But wait… hold your horses. For some shoots, such as weddings,  your client could be waiting from one week to a month for their images back. A lot can happen in a month, and you don’t want excitement to brew the wrong way.

Our tip to you for longer shoots would be to avoid ‘radio silence’ post-photoshoot and touch base with any updates as you see fit. This will allow for:

  • Them to know how you are tracking and if you are following your original estimate of delivery
  • An opportunity to ask any questions they may have
  • Opportunities to further build rapport

Finding the right balance and making a judgement call is key – you don’t spam your clients or bombard them with messages. Depending on how long of a time frame you’ve given your clients, you might even want to provide them with a teaser for their patience.

Which leads us to…

Provide a sneak peek to your client

Have a long few days or weeks ahead of editing? Sometimes, a nice way of keeping the excitement building for your clients post-photoshoot is to send them a sneak peek or preview of your hard work so far. This won’t take too much time out of your day, and can be as simple as just one image.

While beautiful images can be enough to help your photography services spread far and wide, applying these extra steps can help to take your customer service and business up a knotch.

Have some extra steps that you take post-photoshoot? Tell us in the comments below!

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