3 Often Overlooked Tips to Prepare for a Portrait Photoshoot

3 Often Overlooked Tips to Prepare for a Portrait Photoshoot

Having your photos taken can be either an extremely exciting, nerve-wracking or stressful experience, depending on the circumstances. If you’re a partner dragging a partner, child or both, it may be all of the above feelings. If you’re gearing up for school photos, usually it’s a less comfortable feeling.

No matter what your circumstance, we’ve put together three quick but often overlooked tips to help make photo day or your next portrait session just that little bit smoother and stress-free.

Get those outfits ready

It might sound obvious, but get to work on planning out your outfits. Bodies can change, and your favourite outfit from last year may not fit the same as before – especially if you’ve been working out at home or saying ‘treating yourself’ a lot during COVID. Don’t fret, we’re in the same boat ourselves here… Save yourself  from the week or day before dash-around and find what you’d like to wear on the day.

Are you having family or couple photos taken? Even more of a reason to plan ahead (weeks, not months). Prep, try on and even take a photo of what everyone is set to wear on the day so that there are no hidden surprises. A good idea may be to even pack these items away until your photoshoot session, to prevent pesky unexpected tears, pulls and stains.


Book in with the hairdresser. Just do it.

We’ve heard it time and time again – a last minute hair dressing appointment that saved the day (or in some cases, made things worse).

When you have your photography session booked in, schedule a hairdresser appointment in a week or two before. This will leave you with enough room to fix anything up if you’re not happy with your new ‘do before your flashy new photos are due to be taken.

Depending on how vigilant you are with documenting your life with professional photography, it may be multiple years until you have another session.

Compare, but don’t overthink it

Maybe you booked your photoshoot in because a friend posted professional headshots on their page, or your next door neighbour told you all about updating their family photo on their living room wall. Either way, have a browse online and see what type of images are to your liking. The photographer that you chose likely has their own unique style of composing and editing your images, so it is important to have a nice middle ground. You will want images that are to your taste, but something that is still in your chosen photographer’s style that they are familiar with. It is okay to approach the photographer with examples of what you have come across and ask if they can accommodate.

And there you have it! These three tips are usually overlooked, but could help to make your next photoshoot session just that little bit smoother and enjoyable.

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