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Terms + Conditions

Find and Follow Media require a 10% deposit at the time of booking to lock in the Client’s service date. Failure to pay the deposit within a suitable time frame may result in the Client’s booking being lost.

Find and Follow Media is not liable to refund the Client the deposit for change of mind or any other circumstances. Find and Follow Media may choose to partially refund the deposit for extenuating circumstances outside of the Client’s control if advised within a suitable notice period within writing.

If Find and Follow Media cannot capture your booking due to conditions within or outside of their control (such as illness or weather conditions), the photographer shall refund the Client any initial deposit but will have no further liability to the Agreement. This limitation also applies in the event that the files may be lost through a malfunction or other. In any other event or circumstance, Find + Follow shall not be liable to refund the retail value of the Client’s deposit.

High resolution files will be provided to the Client in various formats on an online platform to protect both the Client and Find and Follow Media. The client must notify Find and Follow Media and a further expense may be required at the client’s expense.

Find and Follow Media will retain all files for up to 1 year following product delivery, and are not liable for any claims after this period. All files and backups may be deleted after this period.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all persons present where Find and Follow Media are performing their services. Any accidents or damage caused to the location, equipment or otherwise during this time shall not be covered by the photographer and the client will be solely liable.

All photographs will be edited at Find a Follow Media’s discretion based on their artistic preferences and style shown on the website. The client must provide any specific shots required to Find and Follow Media at the time of booking. Failure to do so at the time of booking or with enough notice may hinder the final product deliverables and Find and Follow Media shall not be held liable.

Any photographer or videographer from Find and Follow Media must be allowed a 15 minute break and bathroom breaks as required. For bookings that are longer than 4 hours, a meal allowance and 30 min break on or off-site must be allocated and discussed at the time of booking.

Find and Follow Media acknowledges that the editing of persons may be of a sensitive nature. If you wish for anything to be covered, edited or not edited both at the time of the photoshoot or in post-processing, Find and Follow Media must be notified by the Client.

The Client must provide accurate and prompt notice in writing regarding any changes to the date, time, location or other important detail surrounding the booking. Failure to provide enough notice or information in writing may hinder Find and Follow Media’s ability to provide services. The consequences of such changes will be at the client’s expense, and Find and Follow Media cannot be held liable.

In the event that family, friends, guests, vendors, or members of the public are obstructing photos, Find and Follow Media cannot be held liable.

All communications with Find and Follow Media must be made in English and in writing via email or text. Social media communications are not considered an appropriate method of communication. All communications must be made with more than 24 hours notice.

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Terms + Conditions

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